Wings of Change
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Anew the caterpillar thinks that change is very scary. Since he’s happy just as he is, why must he grow up and become a butterfly? Fortunately, his wise friend, Faith the snail, is there to help him embrace the changes that lie ahead. “As the world turns, so do you,” she says. “When you change for the good, you change the world too.”

After a series of unsettling dreams, the young caterpillar shifts his attitude and begins to approach the future with confidence. As Anew emerges from his short nap in the cocoon and starts to experience life as a butterfly, he shouts, “As the world turns, so do I. When I change for the good, I can touch the sky!”

Written by Dr. Franklin Hill, Wings of Change helps both children and adults discover the rewards of embracing difficult transformations with optimism and hope. Sensitively illustrated by Aries Cheung, this enthralling picture book provides a gentle dose of courage for those afraid to step out of their comfort zones.

Wings of Change was honored as a Story for Young Listeners by the Storytelling World Award.

Size: 11" x 8.5", Hardcover, 32 pages

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