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"Who I Am" Energy Cards are designed to utilize the Law of Attraction in our everyday life in an easy to use “feeling good” way! They spark the remembrance of what we know very deeply within ourselves. You can pick one card and focus on that quality for the day, or you can spend a few minutes going through the entire deck of 41 cards, creating a meditation that will start and/or end your day with love, joy, connection, and the Law of Attraction in motion.

Who can use these cards? Anyone! Here are some examples:

  • Adults of all ages to reconnect to who they are.
  •  Pregnant mothers (and fathers) – can create a space for their unborn baby that is filled with confidence, empowerment, love, joy and peace. What better place to begin life than in a womb where love and safety is the order of every single day!
  • Parents – can use these cards to reconnect with themselves, modeling for their children that who they are is awesome, amazing and lovable!
  • Teachers – can set the tone in their classroom by focusing on one quality for the day or reviewing all of the cards with their students, talking and journaling about the various qualities that the children already know!
  • Medical –  professionals can use these cards in their office to create an environment of safety, peace and joy.
  • Someone who is ill – Sit next to the patient and hold their hand, reading one card at a time or going through the entire deck. Fill yourself with the remembrance of how powerful you are, and transmit that energy to them. If they are able, allow them to choose cards for themselves that they can reflect on and embrace within.
41 individual, full color 4" x 4" cards with 20 page guidebook in a beautiful box.

Also available is the Who I Am Energy Cards & eJournal Set.  The "Who I Am" e-Journal allows you to take an even deeper journey into who you are. With pages that include a bright and colorful graphic of each card, written prompts that take you deeper and give you something to reflect on, a place to write your journaling thoughts, as well as a place for your inner child to explore with drawing, you are able to get a whole body and soul experience.  Choose the "set" option above.

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  • About Traci Carman

    Traci Carman (formerly Traci Gaffney) is the Founder of A Loving Way ~ How a Parent Makes a Difference, and the creator of the "Who I Am" Energy Cards and e-Journal. She is a wife and mother of three, and is a parenting coach, speaker and author. She is also a Certified Performance Consultant, Master Results Coach, Reiki Master, and Trainer of NLP and Neurological Repatterning.  Traci’s philosophy is that we are all born knowing who we are and why we are here. However, as we grow up, we forget. We then go through years of counseling, self-help and various other means, in the hopes of finding ourselves again. She created the "Who I Am" products as a means to support adults in remembering who they are in a fun and colorful way, and to also support children in never forgetting their core essence. This creates a life of love, acceptance and confidence in all of us, rather than anger, disconnection and loss.

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