Song of Songs
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SONG OF SONGS: A painted love song from the Song of Solomon depicts the connection and intimacy between lovers. “My beloved is mine and I am his.” A symbol of PASSION and LOVE. 


The artist shares about her “Women of the Bible” series: “These women became an inspiration to me when I immigrated from Holland to Israel 16 years ago. Because living here in the land where all this history took place, makes one feel and connect to it on a very deep level. I believe them to be all strong women, with special gifts for us to draw from. When I was working on this series, I tried to connect to the essence of these women that lived so many hundreds of years before.”


Glicee print on archival matte paper. 
Image size is 14 x 14
Designed to be placed behind a custom matte and fit into a 20 x 20 frame. 

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  • About Miriam Mehadipur

    Miriam was born in Holland in 1960. She studied art at the Royal Academy for Art there during the eighties.

    In 1999 she moved to Israel, with her Israeli husband Menachem Mehadipur. They are living and working together in the ancient town of Safed. Up in the mountains of the Galilee, in the north of Israel.

    From her own gallery in Safed, Miriam has sold many, many paintings during those years to people from all over the world. Miriam always had a passion for color and patterns, to create a world as beautiful as possible. Living in a city where time has stopped, and feeling the connection with its long history, Miriam got fascinated with the biblical women. She has painted a series of these women, always aspiring to connect to their essence and their message.

    Miriam works with Mixed media, but mostly in oils.

    Her intention is that her work will touch something meaningful inside of you.

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