Referral Upgrade: A New Way to Find Your Very Best Clients
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Nearly all of your best clients and referral sources have a vision of their best life going forward. Referral Upgrade will teach you a simple method to discover and understand their vision and who and what can bring that vision to life. You can help your best contacts make their vision a reality by introducing them to their Big Three their very best clients, referral sources and opportunities. They, in turn, will want to do the same for you, so that you can attain and live the life of your dreams.


The ideas and methods proposed here are based on my thirty-plus years experience in the financial services industry. I use them daily to introduce my clients and referral sources to the people and ideas that can help them live their dreams. This is the shortest possible route to their success and yours. When you do this for others, a metamorphosis occurs, and they see you in a completely different light. They see you as an incredible resource in the attainment of their dreams, and they will want to refer you too.


This process is for anyone providing products and services to clients. Frank shows you how to meet as many of your ideal clients and referral sources as you would like and how to build those introductions to be mutually rewarding relationships for everyone concerned. How is that possible, you may wonder? Read this book and find out.


Published by Sycamore Canyon Publishing
Paperback | 153 pages


What People Are Saying:


You are a champion in the hearts and minds of your kids, and they want to know all about you. This book is a knockout and will show you how to tell your story to your children.”
George Foreman – World champion heavyweight boxer and entrepreneur


“We love this book! Every parent (and grandparent) should read it. Before We Say “Goodnight” will revolutionize your tuck-in time with your children.”
Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott – Founders of, authors of "The Parent You Want to Be

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  • About Hank Frazee

    Hank Frazee grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA with a major in English Literature. An entrepreneur, he entered the life insurance business and advanced to the top 1 percent of insurance agents in the world. His love of family, books, and words led him to write Before We Say “Goodnight.” He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children

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