Pause Bracelet - Ripple-Effect Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Bead
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8mm Beads With Standard Center Bead  $44.99
8-10mm Mixed Beads with Standard Center Bead  $47.99
8mm Beads With Premium Center Bead  $49.99
8-10mm Mixed Beads with With Premium Center Bead  $52.49


Ripple-Effect Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Bead Bracelet: Made with rich blue colored Lapis Lazuli natural stone beads, 8mm in size, and hand-strung together.

Your bracelet comes standard with 1 single Sterling Silver bead in the band’s center. If you prefer, you can choose a premium bead instead, for an additional $5 (not pictured). The bracelet shown here contains the Natural Capsule.

Bonus: No charge to include a special word or phrase (Normally $8).
Please Note: If you choose the word/phrase option, you must select the Clear Capsule.

About natural Lapis Lazuli stone: People of all countries consider the Lapis Lazuli to be a stone of truth and friendship. It’s brilliant blue color is thought to bring harmony to all relationships. For the wearer, the Lapis Lazuli stone is known to kindle the beginning of self-acceptance, lessen or overcome depression, and leads to mental healing and emotional clarity.

Generating a discrete, soft vibration in timed intervals of every 60 or 90 minutes, this bracelet will remind the wearer to take a break from whatever they are doing to refocus their attention.

Download Sizing Chart

Due to the inconsistencies in natural stone, Bracelets can vary in size up to 1/4". For custom sizes, please allow an additional 10 days.

Capsule Specifications:

Length = 1.7"
Width = 0.92"
Height = 0.40"
Made in U.S.A.

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  • About Meaning to Pause

    Founded in July, 2008 Meaning to Pause® is owned by its creators, Krizia Irish and Cindy Graham. The company helps people to reframe their thoughts throughout the day using a charming bracelet with private reminder technology (Patent #: U.S. D627,675 - issued November 2010).


    Irish and Graham became close friends while working together in business sales for 15+ years. After rushing through their highly chaotic days and many distractions, the two agreed that something was needed in order to refocus on the priorities in their lives. After several failed attempts to create visual reminders to pause throughout the day, they recognized that they required gentle prompting to stop, pause and refocus.


    The Meaning to Pause® bracelet fills the requirement perfectly. Its gentle vibration is a private but deliberate reminder that helps wearers redirect their thoughts on what is important to them. Thoughtful and meaningful actions can be anything; prayer, meditation, mindfulness of the present, celebrating their purpose, being grateful or forgiving. At the end of the day, the wearer will have lived their best and most purposeful day by giving meaning to the pauses.

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