One With the One-Songbook
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Downloadable PDFs of Sheet Music for the soulful collection of sacred prayers, affirmations, and verse in songs by Jennifer Ruth Russell. 


The artist writes, "This is a collection of sacred songs, prayer, affirmation, and verse. Whenever I really want to know something in my body, in my bones, I write a song. I hope these songs bless you and carry you on your journey."


Songs include:

  1. Abba Mamma
  2. Come Whoever You Are (words by Rumi)
  3. One With the One
  4. My Soul Sings Out
  5. Center of Creation
  6. Faith Walks In
  7. Love the Music In You
  8. Sparrow
  9. Wholly Ground
  10. Canoe
  11. Think On These Things (Philippians 4:8)
  12. There Is Nothing But Peace
  13. With This Breath


This music is also available in Hard Copy or MP3 Album

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  • About Jennifer Ruth Russell

    Jennifer’s life’s vision is to uplift, empower and transform the world with songs that open the heart.  She is the co-founder of the Remba Records label and has written and performed several albums of powerful, uplifting music. Most recently, she has dedicated herself to using the universal language of music as a powerful teaching tool for the spiritual development of our children.

    “A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

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