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This Small Sterling Silver Mobius Strip Pendant is 5/8" (1.5 cm) and includes an 18" (46 cm) sterling silver chain. It is the second pendant we designed 22 years ago and continues to remain a favorite. The pendant flows freely on the chain, enhancing the elegance and grace of the design. Worn by men and women.

This is a beautiful symbol representing the twists and turns of our spiritual path in Life within the constancy of change. It reveals the perspective of Union/Yoga where nothing is separated, isolated or divided. The Mobius Strip expresses the non-dualistic reality of Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta and other eastern yogic traditions acknowledging Unity. All is One. This shape has special qualities as do those who wear it!

The Small Mobius Pendant is also offered in a larger size 3/4" (2 cm). Please see the separate listing for the Large Mobius Pendant Necklace

The Möbius Symbol: The Möbius strip was originally discovered in 1858 by German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius. It's one-sided surface flows from inner to outer and back again ....infinitely. This is a spiritual symbol of Life; all entities appearing diverse yet actually existing as an interconnected whole. “There is only one side...and we’re all on it.”

The jewelry items are packaged with a descriptive display card, ready for gift giving and receiving. All Mobius jewelry is consciously cast in the USA.

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Silver: Ruled by the Moon. Stimulates inner guidance and intuition.

“I received all three small sterling silver pendants. THEY ARE PERFECT !!!!”

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  • About Mobius Products

    Marcia and John Galleher, married 33 years, are the owners of Mobius Products & Services. John is a psychic astrologer and has been offering astrological readings to clients from coast to coast for 40 years. Marcia is an artist and long-time yoga instructor. John, who had qualified for MENSA with a high IQ, was familiar with the Mobius Strip as an intriguing mathematical shape. Combining his intellect with Marcia’s artistry, they began designing the original Mobius jewelry in 1995. Together they continue to explore the magical and mystical qualities of Life. Mobius Products & Services has been offering jewelry to satisfied customers worldwide for over 20 years. A portion of each sale is donated to groups working to support the environment, peace, social & economic justice and education. Your purchase makes a positive change in the World!
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