Glass Swirl Pendant
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Created with a love of water and the earth, each one is an original blown glass piece of art.

This necklace symbolizes the concept of "water Peace," with its gently spiraling ripple of blue in the center. Each necklace is blown from borosilicate glass and may have slightly different coloration or impurities in the glass, lending to its unique character. It comes on a silk cord, but it can be hung on any neck chain as the opening is large enough for most clasps to feed through.

This pendant has been used for water-awareness fundraisers throughout the U.S. and worn by water activists everywhere. The water of the world needs our attention and support in order for it to regain its former healthy condition. Sea & water life are endangered by the toxins that flow through all watercourses.


Actual size: 3/4" x 1 1/4"

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