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From Dumped to Dazzling  is an account of a courageous woman’s journey through the end of her marriage and finding her way into her new life. Here you will find gold nuggets of Truth and encouragements of awareness that can support you your entire life’s journey. As you read these pages, know that the wisdom you find here was earned in real fire of transformation. Rarely does anyone take the tough knocks life can give us and turn them into the true diamonds of awareness that lift us to new dimensions of aliveness and wonder.

As you contemplate and consider the power and the beauty of Jackie’s journey, so deeply steeped in her poetry, you will find that this is not just her journey of transformation, it is YOURS.

The author writes, “As I look back at the journey I have traveled, I am amazed. There were times when I couldn’t see how to take the next step, let alone how to begin the healing process. Today my head is filled with plans for the future, my heart is filled with gratitude for the lessons I have learned, and my heart?  Well, let’s just say, it is open for the first time in a very long while, really open to the love around me. So as you read this story, my hope is that you will find some glimmer of hope for yourself.”

eBook | 124 pages

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  • About Jackie Henry

    Jackie Henry is a gifted poet. Her book, "From Dumped to Dazzling" is an account of her journey through the end of her marriage and finding her way into her new life. Through the power and beauty of her poetry she helps others take the tough knocks of life and turn them into diamonds of awareness that lift them to new dimensions of lliving.

    Now retired, she lives in Texas and continues to inspire others through her depth and wisdom.

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