Falling Into Ease - Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love
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Would it be alright with you if life got easier? Aliza Bloom Robinson, vibrational catalyst, is here to show you that it can. Step by step, Falling Into Ease systematically removes all the barriers you believe you have to creating a life you love.

A brilliantly written, easy-to-read guide to moving through the maze of your mind and life into the possibility of ease. With explorations on ideas such as struggle and suffering and tons of real life examples, you will immediately fall into a state of ease, even before you've completed the book. 

Also Available: Falling Into Ease Guidebook


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    Touching hearts, freeing souls and transforming lives – it’s what Aliza Bloom Robinson does. She is a best-selling author, speaker, spiritual coach and vibrational catalyst. She inspires and teaches others how to step into a greater ease, discover your deeper dreams and step into the Life You Love! Having been an Ordained Unity Minister for over 16 years, Aliza has seen it all and walked people through despair, doldrums and challenges of every kind. What she knows to be true is that life can get easier, life can get juicy and yummy and we are here to enjoy this life we have! Aliza is founder and CEO of Divine Awakening, dedicated to the transformation of the planet, one soul awakening at a time. Her books include: Be a BOA, Not a Constrictor, Falling Into Ease and the companion Guidebook. She is a contributing author in the 365 Series – Moment of Grace and Ways to Connect with Your Soul and the Coaches Collaboration.
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