Empowered Care, Mind-Body Medicine Methods - Book
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...In the early twenty first century, there is an accelerating realization of the true nature of the human body. It s becoming clear that an experience of inner light may be essential for each person s well being. As we accept this realization we develop a new model of the healing process for all forms of care and we can offer healthcare methods known to empower individuals so they can heal themselves and others.


With Robert Bruce Newman, master of  Tibetan meditation and director of Medigrace, Inc., Dr. Miller integrates the modern science expanding our understanding of consciousness and how the body really works with ancient Buddhist practices and theory. Includes scripts for meditations and a glossary of Tibetan and Sanskrit terms.

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  • About Dr. Ruth L. Miller

    Dr. Ruth L. Miller has attended 11 colleges and universities and earned several degrees, including the doctorate in systems science from Portland State University integrating intuition and analysis in impact assessment and decision-making.


    After years of research into the nature of consciousness, Dr. Miller became an ordained pastor of the Lifeways Center in Portland, Oregon, then interim Assistant at Unity of Beaverton. She’s been a “circuit riding preacher,” serving New Thought and Unitarian-Universalist churches in Oregon, Washington, and California since 1995 and now is based on the Oregon coast, working as director of The Portal Center for Unification of Science, Psyche, and Spirit and pastor of the Florence Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship.


    In addition to numerous research reports and program plans, Dr. Miller has published papers in several professional journals and was twice honored by publication in The General Systems Yearbook


    In February, 2015, Ruth launched a new online course for the Gaia Living Systems Institute – an introduction to a way of thinking and action that can help use manage the transition from the world of Empire to a new world of spiritual and ecological harmony.

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