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Be Miraculous in Love!

Maureen Whitehouse developed the Conscious Couples  audio series to teach couples how to find balance, happiness and greater love. It is a practical guide that brings to light the unconscious agreements and patterns that undermine even the best relationships, and outlines clear-cut ways to banish these patterns for good. With fifteen years of personal experience counseling hundreds of individuals and couples through some of their most trying times, Maureen now offers a precise approach and practical strategies to help you create vital partnerships of your own. In addition to enhancing your sense of self worth, revealing your true purpose and igniting a greater passion and love for life within you, this audio series will teach you how to:

  • Attract and sustain the kind of loving partnership you most deeply desire
  • Increase intimacy
  • Embrace radical honesty
  • Balance the needs for closeness and autonomy
  • Communicate in positive, productive ways that stops disagreements and arguments cold
  • Amplify the joy in your life through gratitude
  • Use passion to access creativity, self-realization and unbridled success

You have a vision for a deeply fulfilling, inspiring and passionate love. Find that True Love now with Conscious Couples.


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  • About Maureen Whitehouse

    A transformational speaker, educator, expert in personal development and enlightenment Maureen Whitehouse extends the extraordinary invitation to you to immediately end all outward searching and discover directly within your own heart the fathomless truth of who you are.


    For the past 20 years Maureen has helped people radically shift their perspectives to awaken to the miraculous in their lives. Today Maureen works with highly motivated individuals in all walks of life, from successful entrepreneurs and prominent performing artists to those simply in need of change, helping them to restore their trust in the process of life. She can help you shift your perception of every personal hell into a miraculous view of heaven.


    Her experience as an international model, actress, talk show host and world traveler add to her provocative message. Maureen has been called the embodiment of shining conviction and her work has been consistently described as not only life changing, but life jolting.


    Her vision is enthralling, and her enthusiasm, contagious!

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