Bronze Magnolia Wreath
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Bronze Magnolia is a sophisticated wreath, which combines Southern Magnolia leaves, bay leaves, faux berries, white pine, noble fir, cedar, and ponderosa pine cones. The gorgeous hand-tied bow and functioning LED lantern completes the elegant look of this wreath. Your neighbors will be envious of your unique and charming wreath! Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.


  • Materials:  noble fir, white pine, incense cedar, California bay leaves and Southern Magnolia leaves with 2 Ponderosa pine cones, bronze LED lantern, 4 faux berry clusters and a shimmery gold/reddish-orange bow
  • Weight:  approximately 8 lbs
  • Longevity:  approximately 3 weeks indoors and 4-6 weeks outdoors, with regular watering


Available in 26" & 32" sizes. 


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  • About Lynch Creek Farms

    Lynch Creek Farms is a family-owned business established in 1980. They have transformed from selling a few flowers and vegetables at the local farmer's market on the weekends, to a full blown year-round business that ships throughout the United States. 

    An Environmentally Conscious Company

    Lynch Creek Farms does not cut down trees! Most of the boughs cut for their Christmas wreaths come from the Cascade Mountains, near Mount St. Helens. Noble fir trees are never cut down when harvesting but trimmed on the lower branches to ensure a lifetime of bough production. This practice of trimming the lower branches helps to ensure a healthy tree in the future while maintaining a natural and beautiful forest. 

    They use local tree farmers! 

    Local tree farmers in the area are also a great source of boughs for their Christmas wreaths. 

    Preserving the forests of the Pacific Northwest! 

    Within the forests of the Pacific Northwest the nobel fir tree is important to preserve because it provides habitat for numerous birds, bees, insects, and larger animals like the black-tailed deer, coyotes and bears along with many other animals. Supporting environmentally conscious local farmers and maintaining our private forests help protect our fragile ecosystem now and in the future.

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    Product ships from Shelton, Washington

      Note: This item ships to customers within the U.S. only.

    Free shipping until December 15th


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