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About Brenda Boles

As a child, Brenda filled her days drawing, dreaming and creating what she believed were beautiful clothes for her paper dolls. Boxes and boxes of paper dolls’ clothes, as she dreamed of being a fashion designer or an artist. But life had other plans for her, and she became immersed in the field of advertising and promotions for 5 western states.

Then years later, in 1992, Brenda began to feel an emptiness within – she knew she needed to make a change and do something more creative and meaningful – something that lingered in her mind until she heard loud and clear her artist muse “calling.” She intuitively knew it was hers to do! She had so much creativity that needed to be expressed, and now was the time! She saw her paintings as a way of passionately expressing Spirit. 


There is a lot of pain and darkness in the world, but she consciously chose to express the Light and beauty in life. Ask yourself these questions: When you look at her work, can sense life’s beauty? Do the colors move you? Does it instill in you joy, calmness, reverence or love? She hopes so, for she tries to put these feelings onto the canvas when she paints. If her paintings are moving to you, we encourage you to bring that feeling into your home.

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