Aloha Soul Purpose Cards
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These vibrant, stunningly beautiful cards are a spiritual tool to help you discover your Soul Purpose and Living Design Blueprint.


They were divinely inspired and created to connect you to the Power and Presence of God as expressed through the ancient Hawaiian culture. Each card contains a message and a sacred Hawaiian word which has deep and often layered meanings. (A list of the Hawaiian words and their meanings are included).


Daily Inspiration and Guidance:

Each day pick 1 card for inspiration or guidance. Set your intention. Ask for the answer you need to hear today. Read the words and know there is a deeper message. Meditate upon it. Allow the images, feelings and insights to come to you throughout the day.


Discover Your Soul Purpose:

Sit in a quiet place and allow yourself to open to the highest wisdom. Be open to receive. Draw 3 cards . The first one will help you identify obstacles and challenges in your life; the second one provides a method for moving through the challenge or obstacle, and to help anchor you to a deeper meaning of your soul’s purpose; the third card is your unique soul purpose. It shows up in all areas of life. Begin with focusing on the first card so that you can tap into all the greatest that you are. Instructions and deeper explanations are included.


Readings by the card’s creator, Gloria Coppola, are also available. Information on how to obtain a personal reading is included with each card deck.


This gorgeous card set contains 31 message cards and an index card with a description of each sacred Hawaiian word. The set comes in a beautiful box and makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

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  • About Gloria Coppola

    Gloria Coppola Spiritual Awakening Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Educator Gloria has had a courageous journey in life, and her unstoppable nature has opened doorways of spiritual opportunity. She desires to inspire others to live their soul purpose and reach their full potential. Her life’s work has been dedicated to teaching ancient wisdom, spiritual insights and teaching others (and herself) how to open their heart. Gloria is also a transformational retreat host and offers personal and group coaching programs. It is her desire and pleasure, after almost 40 years of studying and opening to a life of love, to share her journey, her tips and resources through compassionate understanding. She knows that sometimes life has bumps, but if we pause and breathe, the miracles are waiting for us.                       

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